Card Sound Capital (“CSC”) provides capital and support to successful early and growth stage companies with the goal of creating sustained value. CSC has historically invested in commercial real estate, textile circularity, energy, health & wellness and, most recently, international sports and entertainment.

CSC is not an investment firm looking for a quick return. Alternatively, our objective is long-term capital value creation. We work with our impressive management teams to ensure our mutual interests are aligned, usually structuring incentive and equity plans for company team members. We then work closely with these teams, bringing our extensive operational and entrepreneurial expertise to the board room.

CSC evaluates opportunities in our focused business niches to find companies that are doing things differently. We search for disruptors and innovators that want an investment partner to help elevate their business to achieve their next strategic goal. CSC’s robust background and expertise as entrepreneurs and operators allow us to closely relate to the leadership teams we invest alongside.